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Romance Packages! 💖

Finding the perfect way to say "I love you" just got easier! Our romance add-ons are designed to sweep your special someone off their feet.

🌹 Classic Romance:

- A bottle of exquisite Nova Scotian sparkling wine to toast to your love.

- A pomegranate heart chocolate bar from the renowned Chocolaterie by the Sea in Yarmouth, for a sweet touch.

- A seasonal bouquet of flowers from Everbloom in Shelburne, adding a splash of colour and fragrance to your room.

- Price: $85 (excluding H.S.T)

💖 Deluxe Romance:

- Upgrade your celebration with a bottle of premium French champagne, perfect for marking special moments.

- A luxurious raspberry heart chocolate box, offering a taste of elegance from Chocolaterie by the Sea.

- A dozen red roses from Everbloom, symbolizing love and passion.

- Price: $185 (excluding H.S.T)

💌 Ready to add a sparkle to your stay? Contact us to book your "Hooked on you" add on and let the romance blossom at Albert's Inn. Because here, every day is an opportunity to celebrate love.


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